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Keep Your Vehicle Going With Interstate Batteries

Timonium Crown Service Center is a proud carrier of Interstate Batteries. The Interstate brand of batteries' reputation for reliability, performance, and innovation is the reason why it's considered America's number 1 replacement-brand battery. All Interstate batteries are "factory fresh," to maximize their life-span.

Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Battery

If the power in your vehicle is suddenly getting low, take it to Timonium Crown Service Center. We'll perform all the standard diagnostic tests to find the problem, and let you know if it needs to be re-charged or if you need a completely new one. We'll even install your new battery for you.

Our Services Include:

•   Interstate Batteries

•   Battery Inspection

•   Maintenance

•   Replacement

•   Installation

Ask About Our 90-Day Warranty

We offer a 90-warranty on any job, no matter what. We'll also throw in a 12-month warranty on all parts we install on your vehicle. Call us today to learn more!

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