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The Timonium Crown Asian Vehicle Specialists

You might believe that all cars are the same, and then get frustrated when your dealer can't identify a problem with your Japanese or Asian-manufactured vehicle. There are subtle differences between American and Asian-manufactured cars that can spell disaster if your vehicle encounters a problem.


Timonium Crown Service Station specializes in inspection, auto repair, auto part replacement, emission set up, and maintenance of Japanese and other Asian-manufactured vehicles. We also offer NAPA auto parts and Subaru head gaskets. We can find any problem your vehicle may have, tell you if it's specific to your vehicle's make and model, and make the necessary repairs.

Over 40 years of combined experience

All of our technicians are AMC-certified and specialize in repairing Japanese or other Asian made vehicles. Don't take your car to a dealer who may not be able to identify a problem specific to your model, and keep your car in their shop for days trying to figure it out. We finish all of our jobs on time, when we say we're going to.


Once we've identified the problem, we take all the necessary steps to not only fix it, but make sure it doesn't happen again. If for any reason we don't have the parts, we can custom order them you. At Timonium Crown Service Center, we are all about giving you the professional service you deserve.

Japanese / Asian Car Brands

We Specialize in:

•   Nissan

•   Kia

•   Honda

•   Toyota

•   Mitsubishi

•   Mazda

•   Subaru

•   Isuzu

•   Hyundai

•   Acura

•   Lexus

•   Infiniti

Honda Subaru